Patient Success Stories

Dr. Marquis,

I wanted to update you on my health and thank you for being the reason for a lot of my improvement.

After two M.D.s were unable to resolve my inner ear problem; I wanted to let you know that I have had great success using the Tuning Fork to relieve my inter ear imbalance problem. It has been over 10 months since you recommended that technique for me and I have not had even an episode. This morning I notice a little unstableness and I remembered that I had not used the tuning fork yesterday, so I immediately stopped and used it. As soon as I finished the imbalance was gone, amazing!

I described that technique to Dr Perry (DO) last week and she said that procedure made a lot of sense because she said the brain, which she described as contributing to the problem, would respond well to that procedure. She thought it was a great recommendation.
I also appreciate your recommending the ProbioMax Ear Nose Throat supplements. I am down to one per day now and they continue to keep my sinuses clear. I stop every 3 weeks for about a week so they will not loose their effectiveness.

… I told her (Dr. Perry) that you are the Chiropractor I recommend over any others I have used over the years, and she said she had heard good things about you from her patients.

Thanks for all your help,
Ed J. Muraski, Ed.D.

This is a chronological patient history shared with permission and by request of Marie Walker, 67-years-old.

Marie was generally very active and enjoyed riding her bike along with other forms of exercise. She was heavier than she wanted to be and diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis of both hands and shoulders and was prescribed Methotrexate. Marie asked for help in finding a solution to her progressive inflammation and pain and really just wanted to get some quality back in her life and avoid using more medications.

After our initial Functional Medicine evaluation we put Marie on a modified diet and nutritional support to reduce and control further inflammation. The following are snippets of information that Marie passed on to our office over the course of several months.

The first note is when she was 3 weeks into following our protocols:
I’m at the end of the Clearvite formula, (21 days) … I believe that I followed it to a “T” and am ready for the next step. My swelling is down considerably, my pain is much less although I’m still dealing with it a little bit (swelling and pain) in both hands. The only medication that I take is ibuprofen as needed … I’m using ice packs most days. Thank you, Im very appreciative.

Then at 4 weeks this note came in:
I want to tell you how grateful I am for all your research and study and how thankful I am that I did not go with the medications they wanted me to take … I continued to get such positive results from the suggestions you have given me … As you suggested I will continue this plan for three or four months …

At 6 weeks this note came in:
I’d say I’ve had a pretty sweet day. The rheumatologist (Brigid Freyne) was pretty impressed.
5/5/14 SED RATE 40
7/30/14 SED RATE 20
My wrist seem to be the most tender And the swelling is in both hands. It seem to be my knuckles and my wrist that are still swollen … but down significantly. I’m willing to try whatever you suggest. Have your office put it in the mail…that would be great
Thank you! Marie (-: one happy gal.

This note is from Dr. Marquis in reply to Marie’s last note:
Hi Marie,
So glad to hear your health is improving. There is a saying that I really like and it goes like this: Our genes load the gun but the environment and personal choices pull the trigger”. There is so much that we have control over that gets glossed over and assumed to be “out of our control” in medicine and its truly a disservice and travesty to our nation as a whole that the truth is not embraced with open arms by medicine as an industry standard. It warms my heart when people actually take the time to listen AND apply the knowledge to change their genetic expression for the better. Keep up the great work.
Dr. Dave

At 2 months this came in:
I had the methotrexate sitting on my counter, within hours of taking the first dose I came to the conclusion (and through prayer) that I could not take that medication … I am two months into following Dr. Marquis ( to a T ) recommended treatment. There was significant relief within two weeks and I was feeling so much better within the first month … After eliminating gluten, flour, sugar, nightshade foods, dairy and soy (I did wonder what was left) but I have eaten very well and I’m not, at this point having any cravings … The side benefit is the extra pounds are falling off. The Rheumatologist saw my Sed rate number go from 53 to 20 … They said keep doing whatever you’re doing … I can also ride my bicycle up to 7 miles again (my goal is back to 15 miles) I also play chair and water volleyball two to three times a week …

3 month update:
Wanted to give an update … I’ve gotten back to my bike riding, Prior to the symptoms I was riding 10 & 20 miles regularly (Several times a week). But eventually It was too uncomfortable to hold the handlebars for any length of time so I had to quit. I am now back up to 5 to 7 miles Several times a week. Tonight as I was riding I noticed the comfort in my hands has improved significantly. I continue to eat as you have advised, feeling very satisfied with much improvement. I do use Aleve occasionally for pain.
Thank you for your help. Marie

4 month update:
I had a blood draw this week to look at those numbers again, Im singing hallelujah … still no medication and my SED state has dropped another 10 points. Compared to where I was when I started I am greatly improved. I have had three people ask me what kind of program I am on … I do not push what I’m doing but hey obviously see the results … They have seen me go through this illness and healing plus the weight loss … without medication. I am forever grateful … This ole horse took a long time to get her to the water… My mistake was thinking I was always so healthy … This sure got my attention!

6 month update:
The Rheumatologist did another blood test … “Numbers are still excellent” were her words … Thank you!

7 month update:
I was on my way to Texas for a couple weeks last time I contacted you. I returned home 5 pounds lighter and still eating no gluten, dairy, or sugar…

1 year update:
I cannot thank you enough for helping me again. Had test done again today and everything in the normal range. The doctor continues to say keep doing whatever you’re doing … I am forever grateful to David Marquis’s willingness to study and learn more about these health issues to help so many others …

Marie Walker

Dear Dr. Marquis,

I’m writing to thank you from my innermost being for collaborating with me in my healing process from a car wreck on Oct. 13, 2013. This wreck, a rear end collision, was a wake-up call for me to make a serious commitment towards a healing process. and I was highly motivated to do what was necessary. Your approach is not easy for the average person. It required a strict change in my eating habits, eliminating all foods that caused inflammation. And I did find foot to eat, and ate very well, and learned to truly enjoy cooking and eating. Your approach also required nine months of continuous attention to my mind. Wo sessions of Mind Mapping), attention to taking all the needed supplements , and my body with your laser and chiropractic adjustments, daily stretching exercises, collaboration with an acupuncturist and Hellerwork bodyworker, drinking plenty of good, oxygenated water, and my spirit with rest and meditation.

When I began with you I was in extreme pain from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head, hobbling in with a cane and wearing special shoes. I was depressed and miserable. I could not even think about seeking employment as a nurse of music practitioner. I could not play my flutes, I could not walk into a store to buy groceries, I could not walk my dog or clean my house. I could not see the future, only the pain I was currently in. I trusted in your competent leadership, offered with kindness, compassion, and an intuition for doing just enough. I realize now that a holistic, conservative approach takes time, commitment and patience. Slowly, and surely, the pain decreased, and I began to move my body more comfortably. The vertigo and pain fog disappeared. I lost 20 pound. I lost my cane. I began to take walks. I grew a garden. I became stronger, clearer, and more flexible. In the ninth month, you were finally able to adjust my mid back, and I became free! At the end of nine months, I went on a trip to Patagonia, Arizona to study ancient Indian architecture, and found home. With my recovered, rejuvenated mind, body, and spirit, I chose a new path in my life.

Your in-depth knowledge and numerous interesting tools in your tool box, willingness to discuss in detail the “whys” of what you were doing, and your infinitely kind, attentive staff led me on a journey of recovery. In the process, I avoided expensive, risky, painful, injurious surgery of my right foot and shoulders and toxic pain medications, what conventional Western medicine could only offer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

With great gratitude and respect.

Karen Cicchini

Dr. Marquis,

I’m not sure whether it’s the diet, the supplements or the combination of both, but I feel better than I have since 2003 (over 11 years); when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. This is the first time that I have felt that I was really being healed; I hope that it is true. I’ve told several people who are experiencing various maladies about you and about the results that I’m experiencing from the treatment that you have prescribed for me. I don’t know if anyone has followed my advice on looking up your web site to listen to your video; I hope they have; too many of them are suffering and are being subjected to nothing but pharmaceuticals being shoved at them with no relief from what ails them. Because of the results I’m experiencing from your prescribed treatment I (now) truly believe that our diets play a major roll in our physical and mental dispositions. I also feel that the supplements that you have prescribed are playing a major roll in my recovery as well. . . “


This is from a patient who suffered with fatigue, brain fog and anxiety.

Hi Dr. Marquis,

(Since starting the Neurofeedback) I’m noticing that I am functioning much better and I’ve had several memories come back. I had “lost” most of my childhood memories which was disturbing to me and now they are flooding back. Thankfully – I had a good childhood so it’s a pleasant experience. I’m also able to focus better and think through processes much better. I’m able to do Sudoku now and I wasn’t able to think through these puzzles before.


“You saved my life!! THANK YOU isn’t enough. I’m on my way to San Francisco this weekend to have fun with my friends. It’s been four long years since I’ve had the energy to even leave my room let alone the house and I owe it all to you and your staff. I’m forever grateful and now have the knowledge to care for myself and am with pride able to give credit, and your number to the ones I love who suffer as I once did. THANK YOU for my life back.”

Jessica P.

Hello Dr. Marquis,

My wife Staci goes to you for fertility issues. Thanks for the help conceiving Zoey. 🙂

We had tried to conceive for over two and a half years with no luck. We had a pretty well know acupuncturist we frequent as well as one of the top fertility clinics in Southern California and both of them said “this seems like a case of unexplained infertility”. A family friend who lives in San Luis Obispo recommended you so we thought, what do we have to lose?

After our appointment, you had mentioned “give it 6 months and you will be pregnant”. We both were skeptical of course… The following month we found out we conceived naturally. I am still in disbelief to this day.

The three of us thank you for helping us bring Zoey into this world!!!

Jason and Staci Morland


Hi Dr. Marquis,

After we were able to conceive our daughter naturally just 6 weeks after being put on your diet…(after 2 1/2 years of unsuccessful infertility treatments)…we knew we had to see you again for Baby #2. So…in March I had my phone appt with you and am happy to report…we are expecting TWINS May 5, 2016!!! Your expertise has been such an answer to prayers…I was telling my story to one of the infertility nurses and she requested your information…so you may be getting other ladies calling you!!!

Staci Morland

The following are testimonials from parents of children on the Autism Spectrum and ADHD.

Hi Dr Marquis,

I just wanted to send you an update on how Delaney is doing with her (Neurofeedack) therapy. I was sharing with the girls up front and they encouraged me to email you.

Since Delaney started her therapy, we have noticed her playing on her own. For example, playing with dolls and talking for them as she acts out scenes. She was never able to do this before. She has had toys still wrapped from Christmas in her closet that she is finally pulling out to play with!

Also we have noticed more creativity! If she ever colored pictures they would tend to be 1 color (the entire picture!). Now she loves to color and is using tons of different colors and even making designs in her pictures. Those are the biggest changes we have seen!

She is definitely more alert to the things around her, where as before she was just in her own world. We do notice that she is a little louder and hyper at times. But we are so excited with all the positive changes, that it’s easy to overlook the negative! Wanted to thank you again for all your time and help with Delaney! We look forward to seeing more improvements down the road!!!

Kyle & Brittany Hackett

Hi Dr. Dave,

Today Tyler saw his Psychiatrist (Dr. R), for his med review. I told him about the (NeruoFeedback) mind mapping and how Tyler’s sensitivity to having his head touched for hair washing and combing has improved 100%. He was very impressed and said that the touch sensitivity in Autistic individuals is one of the most difficult aspects to deal with and he is amazed at Tyler’s improvement. Tyler also brought his math grade from F to C.

Today he spent 3 plus hours “building” a hang glider. It was very impressive to see how he translated what he saw on a you-tube video into an actual structure. It was refreshing to see him so focused and driven on a project and take initiative and run with it. Dr. R wants to work with you and understand what you are doing. He hopes to diminish Tyler’s meds. I gave him your phone number and Monday I will give him your email. This is exciting!


Dr. Marquis
Thank you!

Even though I’ve been updating you with the problems we have been having there have been so many changes! He talks sooo much more, keeps eye contact, is calmer in alot of situations and wants some alone time/quiet time. Those are all new things. Christian slept with him a couple nights and said he hasnt been waking up at all or moving as much as he use too! Plus he has been sleeping till 6/6:30 ( use to be 4:45/5). Huge improvements soo far!!


This testimonial is from a parent of one of the many children who have seen the benefits of doing the interactive metronome. These results were observed after 2-3 weeks of therapy totaling about 10 sessions:

“Hello Dr. Marquis! Great news already! Evan’s has improved from about 25% accuracy with catching in baseball to 75% 🙂 It is very obvious that he is focusing more on the field and also playing even better. His eye hand coordination has improved. His attention at home and at school has improved also. I am excited about the possibilities with finishing his treatment! I have been telling everyone about the treatment and giving your cards out. I know two of the people are planning on coming in. One has a son with ADD and another is a friend recently diagnosed with Parkinsons. Just wanted to tell you the good news! :)”


Early in 2012, my 14 year old son, Robbie, was diagnosed with a moderate/severe case of Crohn’s disease. After experimenting with a variety of medications and watching dosages continue to increase, Robbie’s suffering was unceasing. As we traveled along the medical path, we became less and less comfortable with the massive amount of drugs being pumped into his increasingly frail body. Even after adding Remicade infusions into his treatment plan, his condition continued to worsen. As the disease escalated, so did his weight loss.

Ultimately he was left with a severely diseased ileum, which is the connecting point between the small and large intestines. The scar tissue from the disease built up in the ileum and created a blockage in his intestines. Months of debilitating episodes of painful intestinal blockage and the constant threat of hospitalization, resulted with surgery being scheduled to remove this very diseased portion of intestine.

This is when Dr. Marquis entered the picture. A friend led us to Dr. Marquis, encouraging us with some amazing testimonies of how Dr. Marquis had miraculously helped his family. I was skeptical, for sure, and was very stressed about Robbie’s condition worsening under the care of a non-traditional treatment plan. Although we have always been open to, and even pursued, alternate health paths, the stakes felt too high in this situation to take a risk with “a crazy doc out in California.” My husband insisted that we give Dr. Marquis “a chance.”

When Dr. Marquis talked to us we decided to postpone surgery for 4 months, I absolutely flipped out about this decision but Dr. Marquis was confident that we would know within 4 months if the conservative approach was profitable for Robbie. Knowing that surgery had its own bad implications, I reluctantly jumped in with the new plan and the rest is history.

We are now at that 4 month mark, since we started working with Dr. Marquis. After discovering many food sensitivities/allergies, we dramatically changed Robbie’s diet. Robbie has been very faithful to follow the new eating and supplement regime. Our entire family has been fully immersed in Robbie’s healing. We have 7 children and ALL have participated in one way or another.

From learning new ways to cook, to doing research and study, to encouraging Robbie to keep keeping on, to prayer…all have played a part in his healing journey. Today he has no pain. He has put on 10 pounds, thus far. He has energy. He has experienced healing in his digestive tract. The thought of major surgery is no longer (ever) on the table.

The journey is far from finished, but we never dreamed that so much would have happened in these last four months!!!! We are so grateful for Dr. Marquis and the entire team at the office in California. We have never met any of them in person, but feel close through a very personal telephone connection.

Blessings for the journey,

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all . . .
– Emily Dickinson

“For a long, long time now (did I say long?) I’ve been in an awful lot of pain with a tight hipflexor each morning upon arising. It got to be a regular thing(and annoying) and obviously very painful. Well, things are definitely looking up! Last week, Friday, (April 1) I rolled out of bed to begin my morning when I stopped & took notice that I had NO pain! Then again, this morning (Wednesday, April 6) the same thing! NO pain! WOW!!

I’m certain that the restricted “diet” I’ve been on has helped tremendously. I will, of course, continue with personal training & exercising. I can’t express how happy I am and how much I appreciate your insightfulness and guiding me to the ALCAT allergy test. It’s made a HUGE difference in such a short period of time. I started the ALCAT “diet” on March 28…………….wished I’d done it sooner.

BTW I’ve received an email from ALCAT indicating that I should fill in their questionnaire in re foods I’d like to include/exclude. Thanks for that. I hope it wasn’t a royal pain for you to get that done for me. I so much appreciate your efforts. Please read Emily Dickinson’s poem I’ve partially quoted underneath my signature line, when you have a few minutes. It’s carries deep meaning for me.
Thank you for everything!”

Louise Taylor April 2011

“I want to thank you so much for helping me achieve a healthy lifestyle. I am so thankful that you were able to pin point the foods that I should and should not be eating. From the first day I walked into your office I knew that my life would be different. I walked in at a weight of 225 pounds at 5’4”, and after 5 months of following the plan you set up for me, plus regular exercise, I walked out at 150 pounds. A total weight loss of 75 pounds!

The plan was so easy… I just followed the meal plan for the first 5 weeks, adding in new foods every week, and exercising 5 days a week. The first week I lost 8 pounds! I stuck to the plan and my energy was through the roof. I slept better, I had more energy at work and I felt like I was starting to look on the outside how I was feeling on the inside.

I also want to thank you for always being available if I had a quick question or concern. I am so very fortunate that I walked into your office that day… you have forever changed my life. I wake up everyday feeling and looking my absolute best because of you! Thank you so much : )”

Amy Mally

The Mystery Illness and Pain
“After 3 months of severe fatigue, numbness, tingling, pain, not being able to sleep at night I was at the end of my patience. I had 5 MRI’s, about 30 blood tests, I had seen 6 doctors and no one could give me a diagnosis or help improve my condition. Then I saw Dr. Marquis. We sat for an hour while he read through all my tests and paperwork. He spoke to me and asked me how I felt. After figuring out the many things that were going wrong with my body he clearly explained everything and then we came up with a game plan. Finally, someone hadn’t given up on me! After a couple visits I saw a lot of improvements: 90% less pain, 98% less tingling and numbness, and 75% of my energy back. The thing I like best about Dr. Marquis is that he gets to the root of the problem and uses pro-active procedures. He can help people not only leave an unhealthy life, but to live a healthy, energetic, great one. He and his team are so fun and positive to work with that I look forward to my appointments! P.S. The diet is really hard to stick to, but just do it—– it really works! ”

Nicole Serwitz June 2012

“Your advice about taking Vitamin B-Complex and B-6 worked to stop the swelling in my legs. About a month after I started taking them the swelling in my legs stopped. The vacation to Lake Tahoe didn’t affect my legs either. We had a good time thanks to you. My doctor also appreciated your suggestion. Thank you very much for your advice.”

Herman J. Letournease

“Dear Dr. Marquis,
Thank you and your staff for caring about me. I could have never look or feel this good without you, I really owe my life to you, because I really did not have much of a life a few years back. It’s really hard to look at the before picture and know how big I was, and know how awful I felt physically, mentally and emotionally my whole life. Now I have a new life, and I am excited, and thrilled that more weight will come off, and I look forward to the day that I do not have to shop at Lane Brant anymore. Thank you so much for making me a real person!!! I love all of you!!! Thank you again, you guy are the best!!!”

Christal Siller

“Dr. Dave,
I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all of your help and guidance regarding Bradley. I know we aren’t completely out of the woods, but just since we have up-ed his iron with the supplements you suggested his coloring has turned beautiful and he looks and feels so healthy! Actually, he has never looked this good!

I hope you can open these pictures. The first one was taken in March just a few weeks into starting the the LEAP program. The second picture I took today after church. The difference is remarkable and I am so full of gratitude. Between the diet and supplements (and lots of prayer), his improvement is nothing short of a miracle.

Thank you again. I’m sure we will be in touch in the next few weeks. Have a great week.”

Holli Wyett

“I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me. It is like once I went to your office and got your information, and then took nutrients and changed my diet based on reality, it really “saved my life”. I was really depressed and you changed not only me, but my attitude and how I feel about myself, and that is the most important thing to me in the world. THANKS AGAIN”

Matt Fuss

“My story of health issues began when I was 19 years old. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, major depressive disorder, an anxiety disorder, some sort of connective tissue disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have been on multiple prescription medication ranging from several anti-depressants, pain killers, anti-anxiety drugs, and sleep medication that had to be delivered to my door, handed to me and signed for because it was so strong and sold on the street as a date rape drug. The side effects of all these drugs were worse than the initial symptoms that I took them for. They affected my mood, my weight, my memory and my outlook on life in general. I felt that this was my lot in life; to carry around a huge pill holder (larger than my grandparents) and be drugged for the rest of my life. Two years ago, I was working part time at a vet clinic and maintaining my health as best I could when what I can only describe as a metaphorical truck hit me. I was experiencing fatigue that I have never experienced before. I felt that I was wearing one of those lead aprons that the dentist puts on you prior to taking X-rays. I felt heavy. Moving became difficult as did talking. Changing positions in bed was akin to a workout. My husband had to help me up from a lying position and walk me to the restroom on several occasions. I couldn’t think let alone move and felt trapped in my own body. This is when I was told I had chronic fatigue syndrome, was put on the narcotic sleeping drug, told to get lots of rest and kindly sent home. I had to quit my job and was put on disability. I was 35 years old.

Fate intervened this past January 2009 by way of a dental hygienist who heard me tell my tale of woe to my dentist whom I have known for many years. She told me about Dr. Marquis, how he helped her and gave me his card. I called his office that day. My husband and I went to my first appointment and I was very apprehensive. I had seen many doctors who either threw the arms up in frustration or threw the latest medication at me. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Dr. Marquis put me at ease immediately and listened to my history. He was kind, understanding and very matter of fact about getting me better. In fact, his confidence in my health improving was quite surprising to me. After he found abnormalities in my lab work that no other doctor had bothered to check for, he started me on several supplements and a specialized diet. I followed his orders but didn’t want to be disappointed again, so I really didn’t notice the subtle yet profound improvements. It started with not having to nap during the day. That was huge for me. Not only could I stay awake, I could make conversation and do housework. The lead apron began to lift and I found myself with more energy. I was very careful with what I did as I didn’t want to jinx anything and end up back at square one. I found that my energy kept growing and I could take on more activities without feeling the after effects like I had before. I was able to socialize with friends again, take my dog for a walk and start exercising regularly. My joints stopped hurting. My skin became softer. My mood stabilized. I felt well enough to start school again and get back to the gym. Last week, I walked for 60 minutes on the treadmill and as the digital clock inched past 59 minutes, I started to cry out of pure joy. Sure, I felt a little silly about crying at the gym, but I didn’t care. I didn’t think this was possible for me. It was a year ago that my husband had to help me to the bathroom and here I was, working out, sweating and feeling good for the first time in years.

I am happy to report that my energy continues to sustain me throughout the day. I am no longer scared to try a new physical activity for fear that I will be stuck in bed the next day. I am experiencing no pain, which is remarkable as I have had deep joint pain for almost 20 years. I am no longer on any prescription medication. My body is not my enemy anymore. In fact, I am experiencing life as I never have and it is wonderful.

Words cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Marquis. He saved my life from being filled with doctor visits, a slew of prescription medication and a myriad of detrimental side effects. I am so very grateful for his expertise, his compassion and his commitment to improving lives. I credit him with improving not only my physical body, but also my emotional well-being. With his help, I have hope again and am looking forward to a future of fun and adventure without the weight of the world holding me down anymore.”

Julie Ann White Eyes

“It feels good to feel good again! I am so thankful to Dr. Marquis and his wonderful staff for helping me turn the corner to a better quality of life. Having had a bad experience with a prior chiropractor, I started with trepidation. Those fears disintegrated after the initial visit, and I look forward to each session. Besides degenerative disc disease, most prominently in the cervical discs, and osteo arthritis throughout my structure, I had heart and lung issues that complicated things. I experienced daily pain, vertigo, general weakness, lethargy, palpitations and some depression. My sleep habits were poor and I’d given up my exercise routines and many social functions. Eight months later, I’m back to regular exercise programs, I have renewed energy, more strength and endurance, and less vertigo and pain. Waking up with joyful energy is such a gift! My physician appointments have decreased drastically, and I’ve traded most prescription meds for healthy supplements. I’ve learned that good nutrition is imperative for a healthy body, and find joy in shopping and cooking with that in mind. Most importantly, I’m hopeful that in the months and years to come, I will feel even better, and move into my golden years with grace and expectation. ”

Jan Straka February 2012

“I learned about Dr. Marquis from a friend at a time when I had just about resigned myself to a life of intermittent pain. I had already had both hips and my right shoulder replaced. The left shoulder and knee seemed to be next. I was intent on finding an alternative to surgery. Medication had no effect on the pain. I had tried various food programs and got mixed results. Sometimes the pain was worse. Dr. Marquis’ recommendation and explanation made sense so I changed my eating habits again. I signed up for treatments and began taking the supplements. Within three weeks I felt a difference. It has now been three months and the difference in how I feel is nothing short of remarkable. Not only is the pain almost gone but also the entire experience of my life has changed. I feel clearer, the world seems brighter, and I have more energy and awareness. I am so grateful to Dr. Marquis and his staff. I cant thank them enough!”

Carlo L. Schmidt January 2012

“When I was 17 years old I had injuries that resulted in the loss of my spleen, an adrenal glad, a kidney, I also suffered damage to a lung, diaphragm and the small intestines. Additionally, a plastic tube replaced part of the aorta, there was damage to my spine, and I was told that I could never have children. Although the prognosis for my health and my life wasn’t good, these experiences started me on a journey to discover about alternative health. That sojourn led me to alternative healers, as well as to cutting edge medical breakthroughs and research.

I learned healing techniques from a Lapland shaman in Finland, the spiritual head of the Zulu in Africa, a traditional healer in Brazil, a master of Japanese shiastu, chi kung healers in China, a respected aboriginal healer in Australia, renowned doctors in London and countries around the world, Maori healers in New Zealand, and many, many more. My quest for healing has taken me numerous times around the planet and at the end of my odyssey is Dr. Marquis. HIs integrity and determination to discover the source of a malady, and his passion to positively impact the healing of his clients, is stellar. His mien is humble, yet I see him as a kind of mythic hero on a quest to do whatever it takes to relieve and heal his clients . . . no matter how big the dragon is that needs to be slain. I have gone to him for my back, my hip, for broken bones and general health maintenance with excellent results. I highly recommend Dr. Marquis.”

Denise Linn

“Dr. Marquis’ gentle yet thorough technique brought immediate results and benefits. His ongoing treatment has been an education for me in anatomy and nutrition. I especially appreciate his exhortations that with proper care, the human body can remain healthy for longer than I had thought possible.”

Julian Granados

The reason I am writing is because my mom asked for a link to your website for her friend who isn’t feeling too great. I sent it to her but checked out your success stories and re-read mine. I do not dwell on or think about how terrible I felt and how many frustrating years I spent in and out of doctor’s offices and sometimes forget just how horrible my health was. I was reminded today after reading what I wrote and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. You gave me my life back. It’s funny because I have been kind of whining the last couple of days how tired I am from work and how sore my muscles are from working out and now I feel a bit silly because a few years ago, I wasn’t able to do anything. Thank you, Dr. Marquis. You are truly a life saver and I hope this little email conveys just how grateful I am to you.

Once I get the blood work done, I will make an appointment to come in and touch base. 🙂
Take care,

Julie Ann White Eyes

Dr. Marquis has been my “Chiropractic Guy” for over 10 years. Recently I developed chronic pain and joint swelling in my hands specifically. Dr. Marquis suggested a blood test for possible food allergies with ALCAT at Cell Science Systems. Indeed, it was discovered I had specific reactions to certain foods. After adjusting my diet, within 10 days, my pain and swelling subsided; I feel more energized.…and I lost weight! Go figure. Dr. Marquis’s suggestion to have the ALCAT test done for me greatly improved my new and correct eating habits. I feel soooooooo much better!

Robert Burridge

“I have less stress because I know what’s wrong. My new nutrients, knowledge and physical therapy from Dr. Marquis has made a world of difference. I have hope, energy, lost weight and feel better physically.”

Ann Hurley