Insulin Resistance & Diabetes

Insulin resistance and diabetes are more often than not the result of eating the wrong foods over time. Whether you have a poor diet or your body has autoimmune sensitivities to foods you include in your diet the result is the same.

Under ideal circumstances, the body is able to properly metabolize glucose at the cell level, creating the energy necessary for the brain and other organs to both function and repair themselves. Autoimmune issues and poor diet can both contribute to an environment wherein cells don’t metabolize glucose properly. This situation sets off a series of attempts by the brain to compensate (unsuccessfully) by sending out insulin and eventually increasing cortisol levels.

Failing to eliminate the causes that trigger this natural response in the body will lead to a cycle which has the potential of developing into Type II Diabetes, and other areas in your body begin functioning below desired levels. Fatigue, appetite, sleeping habits, stress management and memory can all be affected by the increases of insulin and cortisol.

Through proper testing, we can determine the cause(s) of your symptoms that are pointing to insulin resistance and diabetes. We can then make diet and other lifestyle changes to help you better correct your glucose levels.

Our patients don’t just strive to manage their condition, when they do the work we teach them to do they correct the underlying condition! This process leads to not only bringing blood sugar back into balance but it often leads the patient to a state of health they have not enjoyed in many years! Check out our page on lab testing to get an idea of the process by which we start our evaluation and watch the video above to learn more about our approach to correction of this major killer.