Nasal Specific

Nasal Specific

The Nasal Specific technique is a physical treatment of the face and sinus cavity in particular that was developed to help with a variety of ailments. This proceedure has been practiced for nearly 100 years and there is some evidence that similar techniques were used as far back as ancient Egypt. Put simply, it is a method of adjusting several facial / sinus bones particularly the sphenoid bone, which sits in the center of your skull and connects to virtually every other bone in your head.

How the procedure works.

Your body is in a constant search for balance. When our skull is not in proper alignment the rest of our body will attempt to compensate by changing the way we sit and stand and function in general. This creates a habit of poor posture, poor breathing, and often chronic pain. Other traumas, such as whiplash, blows to the face or head (such as occurs commonly in sports) force your body out of alignment in a matter of seconds. This sudden action sends your bones and muscles into a state of shock from which they will often not recover on their own. People often report chronic pain after severe accidents. By placing your skull in an optimal alignment you create an environlment which allows for optimal blood flow and neurotransmitter activity throughout the central nervous system. The body then can begin to return to an ideal state of function.

What can I expect from a treatment?

The Nasal Specific treatment consists of 1 to 4 treatments done over several days to 2 weeks. The treatments for each day are the same, but doing one a day over several days to two weeks allows for maximum positive movement. After a thourough history and exam you will be positioned on the table and a small nasal balloon will then be inserted into your sinus cavity and quickly inflated, deflated, and removed. The process is not painful and is often compared to getting water up your nose or diving to the deep end of a pool and coming up quickly. The whole process will be gone over in more detail on your first day and everything will be explained along the way so that there are no surprises. After a series it is recommended that you do not do any abnormally strenuous activity to give your body time to adjust to the new alignment.

What is it good for?

The Nasal Specific is an amazing therapy for a variety of issues, including headaches, hearing loss due to congestion, migraines, sinus issues, snoring, neck pain, jaw pain, and back pain. It can also have an effect on conditions relating to the central nervous system, such as learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, or depression. Many times patients will come in for one complaint and find that another issue has also resolved. For instance, a person comes in for headaches and finds that their hearing and smell has returned. Some patients find complete relief after one series; others require several over the course of months or years. Often this depends on the duration of the complaint and the severity of the problem.

Why I practice the technique?

I first learned about the Nasal Specific years ago when in college and had been suffering from sinusitus for several months. A professor of mine recommended that I try it for my chronic sinusitus and related migraines. Having exhausted virtually every other option with little to no success, I decided it was worth a try. The first day I received a Nasal Specific treatment I experienced a clearing in my head like I had never even dreamed was possible. I immediately noticed that my sinus pain and headache were gone and I could smell and breath again through my nose. With my first series of treatments (3 in total) I went from daily head and face pain to one or two episodes the whole month. I have had reoccurence of sinus issues over the years and have found the therapy to be immediately successful in restoring normal sinus function and provide the same relief each time. After this profound experience I decided to take the advanced training required to provide this proceedure and have done so since 1996 with a great many similar success cases to my own.
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“Have you ever seen gridlock at a major exchange on a freeway in a big city? That’s just what my septum and sinus looked like. It had gotten so bad I was loosing sleep, breathing only through my mouth and waking with 100% dry tongue and throat and feeling overall pretty crappy and impacted. A few affordable treatments with Dr. Marquis have made a huge change in my ability to breath normally, sleep much better and feel better. You should just see the before and after CT Scans. That sure is better than a $3500.00 surgery and the recovery involved. Thank you Dr. Marquis . . .” Cliff “Rio” Smitley, Santa Maria, Ca