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Dr. David Marquis, DC, DACBN: A Functional Medicine Doctor

Dr. David Marquis is skilled in the functional medicine approach to evaluation and care of complex and chronic health concerns. He has a focused interest in neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental conditions including autism spectrum, TBI, Parkinsonian tremors, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and CTE, and also has 25+ years of experience supporting patients with common metabolic conditions including endocrine-related disorders of thyroid, diabetes, and sex hormone imbalances.

Dr. Marquis continuously advances his knowledge in Functional Medicine, and Functional Neurology with over 100 hours annually of post doctorate education. He is an accomplished public speaker and writer as well as a recurring guest lecturer.

He and his wife of over 25 years are proud parents of four wonderful children.  He loves to surf, mountain bike, camp, read, spend time with his family, and play the guitar.  He is also actively involved in his community, donating his time to various organizations such as JustServe.org, Boy Scouts of America, Still Frothy Billabong Surf Contest, and as a Seminary instructor for local youth.

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Dr. Binny Bhakta, DC, Functional Medicine Doctor

Dr. Binny Bhakta's personal health journey inspired her to become a doctor.  Her passion is to empower others on their own unique pathway towards optimal whole health.  Having a strong foundation in structural health, Dr. Bhakta also knows the body’s systems are interdependent and intuitively strive to heal.  When treating the physical body, it is also important to understand metabolic key players that may obstruct healing.  Structural in nature, metabolic or neurologica, Dr. Bhakta’s holistic approach supports balance towards maintaining stable physical and emotional well being for thriving lifestyle.

Whether Dr. Bhakta is helping her patients retain good health or is supporting them during their healing journey, she recognizes the importance of educating her patients so they can take ownership and responsibility for their health.  Health is a combination of many factors, and ultimately, everyone can direct their own outcome once comprehensive strategies are implemented. 

Dr. Bhakta collaborates with Dr. Marquis in supporting her patients optimal whole health, through education, preventative and healing strategies.