Vasper + LiveO2

We are always looking for ways to optimize oxygenation and mitochondrial function, and the blending of two cutting edge technologies – the Vasper and Live O2 – has opened an amazing door into mitochondrial oxidative enhancement! Exercising under cold compression causes the muscles to release lactic acid at a rate only seen if you were vigorously working out for prolonged periods, but without the muscle degradation. In these conditions, the brain releases human growth hormone and nerve growth factor into the body at an increased rate of 300%. This allows for decreased systemic inflammation, rapid recovery, repair, and hormonal balancing. Studies on athletes have shown a 130% increase in sex hormone production after just 6 weeks of use. Oxygen delivery to the extremities and the brain is dramatically increased 400% after just 1 session, and when the brain is more oxygenated you will think more clearly and see a huge uptick in energy. Exercising in this fashion for 21 minutes is akin to exercising for a week at high altitude (10,000 ft) in terms of both improving muscle building capacity and prolonging aerobic endurance.

Within 20 minutes of my first use, I had the endorphin rush that you can usually only achieve after a much longer workout. It helps with my recoveries after strenuous workouts on and off the ice during training. I don’t feel as tired, I sleep much better and just feel so much healthier and stronger overall since beginning to use Vasper. When I do vasper before my workouts I have some of my best workouts. I can maybe compare it to like a runner’s high. It’s unbelievable

Patrick Marleau
Olympic Gold Medalist