Early in 2012, my 14-year-old son, Robbie, was diagnosed with a moderate/severe case of Crohn’s disease. After experimenting with a variety of medications and watching dosages continue to increase, Robbie’s suffering was unceasing. As we traveled along the medical path, we became less and less comfortable with the massive amount of drugs being pumped into his increasingly frail body. Even after adding Remicade infusions into his treatment plan, his condition continued to worsen. As the disease escalated, so did his weight loss.

Ultimately he was left with a severely diseased ileum, which is the connecting point between the small and large intestines. The scar tissue from the disease built up in the ileum and created a blockage in his intestines. Months of debilitating episodes of painful intestinal blockage and the constant threat of hospitalization, resulted with surgery being scheduled to remove this very diseased portion of intestine.

This is when Dr. Marquis entered the picture. A friend led us to Dr. Marquis, encouraging us with some amazing testimonies of how Dr. Marquis had miraculously helped his family. I was skeptical, for sure, and was very stressed about Robbie’s condition worsening under the care of a nontraditional treatment plan. Although we have always been open to, and even pursued, alternate health paths, the stakes felt too high in this situation to take a risk with “a crazy doc out in California.” My husband insisted that we give Dr. Marquis “a chance.”

When Dr. Marquis talked to us we decided to postpone surgery for 4 months, I absolutely flipped out about this decision but Dr. Marquis was confident that we would know within 4 months if the conservative approach was profitable for Robbie. Knowing that surgery had its own bad implications, I reluctantly jumped in with the new plan and the rest is history.

We are now at that 4-month mark, since we started working with Dr. Marquis. After discovering many food sensitivities/allergies, we dramatically changed Robbie’s diet. Robbie has been very faithful to follow the new eating and supplement regime. Our entire family has been fully immersed in Robbie’s healing. We have 7 children and ALL have participated in one way or another.

From learning new ways to cook, to doing research and study, to encouraging Robbie to keep keeping on, to prayer…all have played a part in his healing journey. Today he has no pain. He has put on 10 pounds, thus far. He has energy. He has experienced healing in his digestive tract. The thought of major surgery is no longer (ever) on the table.

The journey is far from finished, but we never dreamed that so much would have happened in these last four months!!!! We are so grateful for Dr. Marquis and the entire team at the office in California. We have never met any of them in person, but feel close through a very personal telephone connection.

Blessings for the journey,