Dr. Marquis,

I wanted to update you on my health and thank you for being the reason for a lot of my improvement. After two M.D.s were unable to resolve my inner ear problem; I wanted to let you know that I have had great success using the Tuning Fork to relieve my inner ear imbalance problem. It has been over 10 months since you recommended that technique for me and I have not had even an episode. This morning I notice a little unstableness and I remembered that I had not used the tuning fork yesterday, so I immediately stopped and used it. As soon as I finished the imbalance was gone, amazing!

I described that technique to Dr Perry (DO) last week and she said that procedure made a lot of sense because she said the brain, which she described as contributing to the problem, would respond well to that procedure. She thought it was a great recommendation.

I also appreciate your recommending the ProbioMax Ear Nose Throat supplements. I am down to one per day now and they continue to keep my sinuses clear. I stop every 3 weeks for about a week so they will not lose their effectiveness.

… I told her (Dr. Perry) that you are the Chiropractor I recommend over any others I have used over the years, and she said she had heard good things about you from her patients.

Thanks for all your help,

Ed J. Muraski, Ed.D.