Hi Dr. Dave, Today Tyler saw his Psychiatrist (Dr. R), for his med review. I told him about the (NeruoFeedback) mind mapping and how Tyler’s sensitivity to having his head touched for hair washing and combing has improved 100%. He was very impressed and said that the touch sensitivity in Autistic individuals is one of the most difficult aspects to deal with and he is amazed at Tyler’s improvement. Tyler also brought his math grade from F to C. Today he spent 3 plus hours “building” a hang glider. It was very impressive to see how he translated what he saw on a you-tube video into an actual structure. It was refreshing to see him so focused and driven on a project and take initiative and run with it. Dr. R wants to work with you and understand what you are doing. He hopes to diminish Tyler’s meds. I gave him your phone number and Monday I will give him your email. This is exciting!