For a long, long time now (did I say long?) I’ve been in an awful lot of pain with a tight hip flexor each morning upon arising. It got to be a regular thing(and annoying) and obviously very painful. Well, things are definitely looking up! Last week, Friday, (April 1) I rolled out of bed to begin my morning when I stopped & took notice that I had NO pain! Then again, this morning (Wednesday, April 6) the same thing! NO pain! WOW!!

I’m certain that the restricted “diet” I’ve been on has helped tremendously. I will, of course, continue with personal training & exercising. I can’t express how happy I am and how much I appreciate your insightfulness and guiding me to the ALCAT allergy test. It’s made a HUGE difference in such a short period of time. I started the ALCAT “diet” on March 28…………….wished I’d done it sooner.

BTW I’ve received an email from ALCAT indicating that I should fill in their questionnaire in re foods I’d like to include/exclude. Thanks for that. I hope it wasn’t a royal pain for you to get that done for me. I so much appreciate your efforts. Please read Emily Dickinson’s poem I’ve partially quoted underneath my signature line, when you have a few minutes. It’s carries deep meaning for me.

Thank you for everything!”

Louise Taylor April 2011