“I want to thank you so much for helping me achieve a healthy lifestyle. I am so thankful that you were able to pinpoint the foods that I should and should not be eating. From the first day I walked into your office I knew that my life would be different. I walked in at a weight of 225 pounds at 5’4”, and after 5 months of following the plan you set up for me, plus regular exercise, I walked out at 150 pounds. A total weight loss of 75 pounds! The plan was so easy… I just followed the meal plan for the first 5 weeks, adding in new foods every week, and exercising 5 days a week. The first week I lost 8 pounds! I stuck to the plan and my energy was through the roof. I slept better, I had more energy at work and I felt like I was starting to look on the outside how I was feeling on the inside.

I also want to thank you for always being available if I had a quick question or concern. I am so very fortunate that I walked into your office that day… you have forever changed my life. I wake up everyday feeling and looking my absolute best because of you! Thank you so much : )”

Amy Mally