The Mystery Illness and Pain

“After 3 months of severe fatigue, numbness, tingling, pain, not being able to sleep at night I was at the end of my patience. I had 5 MRI’s, about 30 blood tests, I had seen 6 doctors and no one could give me a diagnosis or help improve my condition. Then I saw Dr. Marquis. We sat for an hour while he read through all my tests and paperwork. He spoke to me and asked me how I felt. After figuring out the many things that were going wrong with my body he clearly explained everything and then we came up with a game plan. Finally, someone hadn’t given up on me! After a couple visits I saw a lot of improvements: 90% less pain, 98% less tingling and numbness, and 75% of my energy back. The thing I like best about Dr. Marquis is that he gets to the root of the problem and uses pro-active procedures. He can help people not only leave an unhealthy life, but to live a healthy, energetic, great one. He and his team are so fun and positive to work with that I look forward to my appointments! P.S. The diet is really hard to stick to, but just do it—– it really works!”

Nicole Serwitz June 2012