This is a chronological patient history shared with permission and by request of Marie Walker, 67-years-old. Marie was generally very active and enjoyed riding her bike along with other forms of exercise. She was heavier than she wanted to be and diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis of both hands and shoulders and was prescribed Methotrexate. Marie asked for help in finding a solution to her progressive inflammation and pain and really just wanted to get some quality back in her life and avoid using more medications.

After our initial Functional Medicine evaluation we put Marie on a modified diet and nutritional support to reduce and control further inflammation. The following are snippets of information that Marie passed on to our office over the course of several months.

The first note is when she was 3 weeks into following our protocols:

I’m at the end of the Clearvite formula, (21 days) … I believe that I followed it to a “T” and am ready for the next step. My swelling is down considerably, my pain is much less although I’m still dealing with it a little bit (swelling and pain) in both hands. The only medication that I take is ibuprofen as needed … I’m using ice packs most days. Thank you, Im very appreciative.

Then at 4 weeks this note came in:

I want to tell you how grateful I am for all your research and study and how thankful I am that I did not go with the medications they wanted me to take … I continued to get such positive results from the suggestions you have given me … As you suggested I will continue this plan for three or four months …

At 6 weeks this note came in:

I’d say I’ve had a pretty sweet day. The rheumatologist (Brigid Freyne) was pretty impressed.

5/5/14 SED RATE 40

7/30/14 SED RATE 20

My wrist seem to be the most tender And the swelling is in both hands. It seem to be my knuckles and my wrist that are still swollen … but down significantly. I’m willing to try whatever you suggest. Have your office put it in the mail…that would be great

Thank you! Marie (-: one happy gal.

This note is from Dr. Marquis in reply to Marie’s last note:

Hi Marie,

So glad to hear your health is improving. There is a saying that I really like and it goes like this: Our genes load the gun but the environment and personal choices pull the trigger”. There is so much that we have control over that gets glossed over and assumed to be “out of our control” in medicine and its truly a disservice and travesty to our nation as a whole that the truth is not embraced with open arms by medicine as an industry standard. It warms my heart when people actually take the time to listen AND apply the knowledge to change their genetic expression for the better. Keep up the great work.

Dr. Dave

At 2 months this came in:

I had the methotrexate sitting on my counter, within hours of taking the first dose I came to the conclusion (and through prayer) that I could not take that medication … I am two months into following Dr. Marquis ( to a T ) recommended treatment. There was significant relief within two weeks and I was feeling so much better within the first month … After eliminating gluten, flour, sugar, nightshade foods, dairy and soy (I did wonder what was left) but I have eaten very well and I’m not, at this point having any cravings … The side benefit is the extra pounds are falling off. The Rheumatologist saw my Sed rate number go from 53 to 20 … They said keep doing whatever you’re doing … I can also ride my bicycle up to 7 miles again (my goal is back to 15 miles) I also play chair and water volleyball two to three times a week …

3-month update:

Wanted to give an update … I’ve gotten back to my bike riding, Prior to the symptoms I was riding 10 & 20 miles regularly (Several times a week). But eventually It was too uncomfortable to hold the handlebars for any length of time so I had to quit. I am now back up to 5 to 7 miles Several times a week. Tonight as I was riding I noticed the comfort in my hands has improved significantly. I continue to eat as you have advised, feeling very satisfied with much improvement. I do use Aleve occasionally for pain.

Thank you for your help. Marie

4-month update:

I had a blood draw this week to look at those numbers again, Im singing hallelujah … still no medication and my SED state has dropped another 10 points. Compared to where I was when I started I am greatly improved. I have had three people ask me what kind of program I am on … I do not push what I’m doing but hey obviously see the results … They have seen me go through this illness and healing plus the weight loss … without medication. I am forever grateful … This ole horse took a long time to get her to the water… My mistake was thinking I was always so healthy … This sure got my attention!

6-month update:

The Rheumatologist did another blood test … “Numbers are still excellent” were her words … Thank you!

7-month update:

I was on my way to Texas for a couple weeks last time I contacted you. I returned home 5 pounds lighter and still eating no gluten, dairy, or sugar…

1-year update:

I cannot thank you enough for helping me again. Had test done again today and everything in the normal range. The doctor continues to say keep doing whatever you’re doing … I am forever grateful to David Marquis’s willingness to study and learn more about these health issues to help so many others …

Marie Walker