“It feels good to feel good again! I am so thankful to Dr. Marquis and his wonderful staff for helping me turn the corner to a better quality of life. Having had a bad experience with a prior chiropractor, I started with trepidation. Those fears disintegrated after the initial visit, and I look forward to each session. Besides degenerative disc disease, most prominently in the cervical discs, and osteoarthritis throughout my structure, I had heart and lung issues that complicated things. I experienced daily pain, vertigo, general weakness, lethargy, palpitations and some depression. My sleep habits were poor and I’d given up my exercise routines and many social functions. Eight months later, I’m back to regular exercise programs, I have renewed energy, more strength and endurance, and less vertigo and pain. Waking up with joyful energy is such a gift! My physician appointments have decreased drastically, and I’ve traded most prescription meds for healthy supplements. I’ve learned that good nutrition is imperative for a healthy body, and find joy in shopping and cooking with that in mind. Most importantly, I’m hopeful that in the months and years to come, I will feel even better, and move into my golden years with grace and expectation. ”

Jan Straka February 2012