“I learned about Dr. Marquis from a friend at a time when I had just about resigned myself to a life of intermittent pain. I had already had both hips and my right shoulder replaced. The left shoulder and knee seemed to be next. I was intent on finding an alternative to surgery. Medication had no effect on the pain. I had tried various food programs and got mixed results. Sometimes the pain was worse. Dr. Marquis’ recommendation and explanation made sense so I changed my eating habits again. I signed up for treatments and began taking the supplements. Within three weeks I felt a difference. It has now been three months and the difference in how I feel is nothing short of remarkable. Not only is the pain almost gone but also the entire experience of my life has changed. I feel clearer, the world seems brighter, and I have more energy and awareness. I am so grateful to Dr. Marquis and his staff. I cant thank them enough!”

Carlo L. Schmidt January 2012