The reason I am writing is because my mom asked for a link to your website for her friend who isn’t feeling too great. I sent it to her but checked out your success stories and re-read mine. I do not dwell on or think about how terrible I felt and how many frustrating years I spent in and out of doctor’s offices and sometimes forget just how horrible my health was. I was reminded today after reading what I wrote and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. You gave me my life back. It’s funny because I have been kind of whining the last couple of days how tired I am from work and how sore my muscles are from working out and now I feel a bit silly because a few years ago, I wasn’t able to do anything. Thank you, Dr. Marquis. You are truly a lifesaver and I hope this little email conveys just how grateful I am to you. Once I get the blood work done, I will make an appointment to come in and touch base. 

Take care,

Julie Ann White Eyes