Dr. Marquis has been my “Chiropractic Guy” for over 10 years. Recently I developed chronic pain and joint swelling in my hands specifically. Dr. Marquis suggested a blood test for possible food allergies with ALCAT at Cell Science Systems. Indeed, it was discovered I had specific reactions to certain foods. After adjusting my diet, within 10 days, my pain and swelling subsided; I feel more energized.…and I lost weight! Go figure. Dr. Marquis’s suggestion to have the ALCAT test done for me greatly improved my new and correct eating habits. I feel soooooooo much better! Robert Burridge

“I have less stress because I know what’s wrong. My new nutrients, knowledge and physical therapy from Dr. Marquis has made a world of difference. I have hope, energy, lost weight and feel better physically.”

Ann Hurley