Dr. Marquis,I’m not sure whether it’s the diet, the supplements or the combination of both, but I feel better than I have since 2003 (over 11 years); when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. This is the first time that I have felt that I was really being healed; I hope that it is true. I’ve told several people who are experiencing various maladies about you and about the results that I’m experiencing from the treatment that you have prescribed for me. I don’t know if anyone has followed my advice on looking up your web site to listen to your video; I hope they have; too many of them are suffering and are being subjected to nothing but pharmaceuticals being shoved at them with no relief from what ails them. Because of the results I’m experiencing from your prescribed treatment I (now) truly believe that our diets play a major roll in our physical and mental dispositions. I also feel that the supplements that you have prescribed are playing a major roll in my recovery as well. . . “