The following are testimonials from parents of children on the Autism Spectrum and

ADHD. Hi Dr Marquis, I just wanted to send you an update on how Delaney is doing with her (Neurofeedback) therapy. I was sharing with the girls up front and they encouraged me to email you. Since Delaney started her therapy, we have noticed her playing on her own. For example, playing with dolls and talking for them as she acts out scenes. She was never able to do this before. She has had toys still wrapped from Christmas in her closet that she is finally pulling out to play with!

Also we have noticed more creativity! If she ever colored pictures they would tend to be 1 color (the entire picture!). Now she loves to color and is using tons of different colors and even making designs in her pictures. Those are the biggest changes we have seen!

She is definitely more alert to the things around her, whereas before she was just in her own world. We do notice that she is a little louder and hyper at times. But we are so excited with all the positive changes, that it’s easy to overlook the negative! Wanted to thank you again for all your time and help with Delaney! We look forward to seeing more improvements down the road!!!

Kyle & Brittany Hackett