Conditions Seen

For nearly 20 years Dr. David Marquis has assisted thousands of patients to find solutions to acute and chronic conditions without the use of or with minimal use of, drugs or surgery. Through a metabolic and neurological approach to his patient’s health conditions, not only can the causes be determined, but the patient can learn how to manage their own health and often without medication. This is the underlying goal of care in Dr. Marquis’ office. Finding solutions and empowering patients to take their health back and become non-dependent on the broken insurance-driven medical paradigm that plagues our country today.

When working with patients it is often identified that their real problems are the results of unrecognized neuro-metabolic issues. This means that they may have metabolic dysfunction such as Blood Sugar Imbalances, Autoimmune conditions, Anemias, Food Sensitivities, Latent Infections, or simple Nutritional Imbalances which are complicating normal metabolism. Along with these metabolic issues, there are often neurological hurdles as well that lend themselves to the many avenues of Brain-Based Therapies that Dr. Marquis has been trained in over the years.

Dr. Marquis has successfully helped patients navigate through a variety of neurological, metabolic, and chiropractic conditions including, but not limited to:

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